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The apricot trees in full bloom in front of the Lozivok Center

In 2005 the Lord spoke to Rev. James “Jim” Hill to start a center in Ukraine for training missionaries to spread the gospel in Russia, Ukraine and the Muslim nations of the former USSR. Jim has been a part of the Barnabas Foundation in America team since 1997 ministering in many cities, towns and villages throughout Russia and Ukraine. He and his wife Betty have made 40 trips to these countries since they began in 1997. Jim is the Director of Ukraine and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Barnabas Foundation in America. In December 2006 the Lord provided a building to begin the work in Lozivok, Ukraine. In October 2007 the charter of the Barnabas Foundation in Ukraine was approved by the proper Ukrainian agencies as a nonprofit charitable Christian organization. This charter included teaching about Christ and performing many different charitable works. In January 2008 the Lord also provided an old house with land adjacent to the original building. This was purchased mainly for the land to be used for farming. The Lord had spoken to Jim to teach missionaries not only the word of God and how to minister but also teach them to do one or more charitable works. The missionaries that we will send out, especially to the Muslim nations, will start a charitable work. When they are asked why they are doing this, the door will be opened to tell them about Christ’s love.

The headquarters of the Barnabas Foundation in Ukraine was officially opened in the Lozivok Center in January 2008. Since alcoholism and drug dependency is epidemic in Ukraine, it was decided to first start with a program for alcohol and drug re-habilitation at this same location. This work is based on teaching them the word of God, Christian principles and discipline. The first patient was received in February 2008. This patient graduated in July 2008 but elected to stay and help with other patients. Since then there have been many patients with much success along with a few disappointments as well. Several graduates have become ministers of the gospel. One graduate has started another rehab center independent of the Barnabas Foundation. In addition, a young man who has started two rehabs in Kiev Oblast (state) has recently joined the Barnabas Foundation in Ukraine. Thus the Barnabas Foundation in Ukraine now has three rehab centers – two for men and one for women. There are presently approximately 70 patients among the three centers. Possibilities exist for starting two other rehab centers. For example, a man has offered us the use of a house which he owns at no cost to the Barnabas Foundation.

We still need to finish remodeling the original Lozivok Center with proper furnishings as funds become available. However, a place to house the missionary teachers and students is needed. Jim just returned from Ukraine with the word that there is another house adjacent to the Lozivok Center with 0.85 acres of farmable land available for purchase. The house needs some remodeling. With this purchase we would have approximately a total of two acres of land with a place for the teachers and students to live. The negotiated price for the house and land is $35,000. This price includes just about everything that is in the house – furniture, appliances, etc. This is an excellent price but your help is needed - we just don’t have the necessary funds. All of our present income only minimally covers the operations of the centers. We have teachers and students who want to come, but we have no housing for them. If you would like further information or feel to give to this endeavor – for the purchase of the house or the operations – you may send your tax deductible donation/inquiry to:

The Barnabas Foundation

c/o Rev. James B. Hill

311 Pawnee Trail SE Huntsville, AL 35803

Note: Please write “Ukraine” in the comments of your check.

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