Mission Opportunities 2012

Are You Ready to Go?

Ann Brittain asks, "Are you ready to go where you have never gone before?"


I’m sitting at home trying to think of how best to share with you the mission opportunity we have for next year. At our Barnabas School in Tver, Russia this year we had a good response from many who committed to enter into a working relationship with the Barnabas Foundation to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in Russia and wherever He leads us.

I suggested we start in Russia and then next year also plan a joint Russian / American Mission somewhere in the world. Andrew and Tanya Pogodin are starting a new church in St. Petersburg, Russia as a part of this plan and there is a new church developing in Tver, Russia. Please pray for these efforts.

Meanwhile I’m seeking the Lord as to where to go to accomplish the somewhere in the world part of this strategy. Dr. Victor Agbiebor, a young medical student studying in Russia when we first went there 20 years ago, is continuing with his plans to build a hospital in his native home of Ghana. This will be a great place to do mission work but the work itself is not far enough along at this time. Victor has the land and is now raising funds to build the hospital. Pray for him and that one day soon we can work with him sharing the gospel.

I also thought of going to Kenya where we have great contacts to minister. But I believe the Lord would have us go on our first joint Russian / American Mission Team to India.

I have contacted my friend John Adidala (he jokes in teaching how to pronounce his name by saying it sounds just like add a dollar). John is from India living in the USA but pastoring a church in Rajhamundry, India. He is there about six months out of the year. He also operates two orphanages, one in Rajhamundry, India and the other in Hyderabad, India. I have always wanted to go and help him in this work but was totally occupied in Russia. Now with a joint team we can help my friend and soon your friend.

1.     Mission Trip: Hyderabad & Rajhamundry, India

a.     Depart US on June 28 and meet team from Russia on 29th. in Amsterdam or Paris to fly to Bombay, a Delta flight. Then other airlines to Hyderabad and then to Rajhamundry.

b.     Rest June 30 after two days of travel.

c.      July 1: Church activities.

d.     July 2 – 4 Dailey medical teams sharing the gospel.

e.     July 2 – 4 Pastors Conference. The cost of food for each100 pastors is  $900 (3 meals + snacks). We could have as many as 250 pastors if we desire.

f.      July 2 – 4 Evening Evangelism Meeting! Big Meeting!

g.     July 5 – 7 Ministry in Hyderabad similar to Rajhamundry.

h.     Depart July 8 arrive Moscow for the 2012 Barnabas School of Ministry or return to USA July 9.

i.       Rest July 10.

j.       School starts July 11.

k.     Last day of school July 20.

l.       Depart for US July 21 or after weekend ministry.

2.     From USA:

a.     Just India $2600.

b.     India plus Russia $5400:

c.      Just Barnabas School in Tver, Russia $3000.

3.     From Moscow for India Mission Trip $2000.


Most people who will be lead of the Lord to do this mission trip will need financial help from others. This is not a vacation! I’m asking everyone connected to the Barnabas Foundation to pray about going and if you are not lead to go to help financially others to go. Don’t wait to be asked to help seek them out or just send your donation to:

The Barnabas Foundation

PO Box 611150

Birmingham, AL 35261

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