The Importance of Rational & Transrational

There is a sense in which both the person and God's Spirit are involved in the giving and receiving of spiritual gifts. It is rational, in the sense that the person must be aware of what is surrounding him, i.e. observing. It is trans-rational, in the sense that God, at His own discretion, "anoints" the person for an effect which He wishes to be produced. 

When you minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, you usually begin by using your own abilities. One of the most exciting passages in the Bible to me is the story of the crossing of the Jordan. Perhaps this is so because I've been in a few "Jesus Marches”. Once a large group starts moving often it's difficult to stop. My imagination becomes active when I think what might have happened if the river had not parted. It was not until the feet of the priest who bore the ark touched the edge of the water that the waters which came from upstream stood still and rose in a heap. The priest was facing an impossible situation when they chose to start walking (a rational action) out upon the river. As they walked and were actually stepping into waters that could drown them God acted (trans-rational), enabling them to walk across the Jordan on dry land. 

In ministry, the same thing takes place. Most often we begin by acting out a role. John Wimber says a "role”, in the sense we are using it, is "The doing of the acts which you see occurring in Scripture by means of your natural ability to the degree that you are able”. This is rational. Most think they are to wait for a certain feeling before doing anything. In fact they would prefer to wait until a supernatural manifestation occurs before acting. 

Signs and wonders have been closely related to emotion. People have waited until they were stimulated before they acted. When God acted following such a scenario a model developed in men's minds that this was how it was always to work. The fact is that when men act, it gives opportunity for God to move. Our feelings don't affect the issue what so ever. 

When ministering, begin by using all the ability you possess but expect God to enter in the ministry time. Let me illustrate by using a ministry situation that as of this writing has not been successfully completed. 

A lady, whom I'll call Jane, this is not her real name, was suffering terribly. She told the person that was ministering to her that her apartment was constantly being broken into. When she came home she found dirty spots on the furniture that had not been there previously. She would often find hair, especially in the bath room. The worst thing was the bugs that were brought into the apartment and put on her clothes. Jane believed that her former boy friend was the cause. 

The person who was ministering to Jane would talk to her for a long time before praying. This person was moving in a role and as the Holy Spirit spoke to her the person would pray for and instruct Jane. One thing this person was directed to do was to anoint the apartment with oil and call upon angels to guard the place. 

A short time later, I was in a prayer group and this lady became a matter of prayer. Following prayer, the cause of this situation was discussed. One person strongly advised that we try to direct Jane to a quality Christian psychologist that the group knew. Since Jane was a Baptist, I felt impressed to go with the one who had been ministering to Jane to try and persuade her to pursue this course of action. 

The following week my wife, Ann, and I accompanied the person who had been ministering to Jane. Signs were placed all over the door and windows, warning of alarms and protection agencies. The door had at least three locks securing it from forced entry. This lady did not want her apartment entered. This lady was very, very afraid. 

When Jane opened the door, I saw her to be a pretty woman in her late forties. Her beauty was fading and I sensed that she was a woman who had depended upon her physical beauty for many things in life. Jane received us very warmly and reported that things had much improved. She claimed people were still coming into her apartment but her fear had disappeared. 

Before arriving, I started moving in what I refer to as a "role”. I am "the physician's attendant”. When we sat down, I continued the role by asking questions. In essence, I was involved with a diagnostic interview. Using every counseling skill I had acquired, I tried to resolve this problem. 

During the interview, we were informed that she had lived in an apartment provided by a former boyfriend. He was married and spent time with her during the day. I sensed she was carrying a load of guilt over that arrangement. Something (the Lord) was telling me that prostitution and drugs were involved. When I inquired of this, both responded that this was a strong possibility. Jane was not involved in prostitution, but her boyfriend could have been involved in a house wife/call girl ring from a wealthy section of town. There was also the possibility that he was involved in drugs. 

My conclusion, at this point, was that she had subconsciously accepted the guilt of this whole affair. The sins of adultery, prostitution, and drugs had contaminated her in the form of bugs and filth. Just because she had broken away physically from her boyfriend had not broken the soul-tie with the man. 

The three of us agreed that no one was actually breaking into the apartment. There were no bugs that we could see. In the previous visit, Jane had even shown garbage bags of clothes in the closet secured so the bugs could not get in. What we were dealing with was either demonic, psychological or both. 

Before coming, we had decided we would not reinforce in any way that there was actually someone entering the apartment or that this was demonization. So after looking at a napkin, in which was supposedly a "hair”, we began to pray. We prayed in the area of the guilt we sensed she had taken upon herself. There appeared to be some relief but we all believed we had only taken a step in what was to be done. 

In our ministry time we had used rational and trans-rational abilities. After leaving, we compared notes. Ann had noticed something that enlightened us a great deal. She noticed (rational), both in the kitchen and the living room, pieces of thread that had been separated into what looked like fine "hair”. The Holy Spirit spoke in our hearts (trans-rational). Jane was manifesting multiple personalities. We decided that we would involve Bill French in this ministry. Bill has much more experience in the area of demonization. 

Continued ministry has provided substantial evidence that there were multiple personalities as well as demonization. Continued ministry has also shown that at this point Jane does not really desire to be free. 

When ministering you should keep your eyes open, be observant, use your mind, BUT expect and depend upon the trans-rational. 

--Dr. Jim Brittain

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