A Helping Hand

In the "Song of Songs" the first experience the maiden has is being in the inner chamber (Song of Songs 1:5-7). It is here that she comes face to face with her Beloved. There is such an intense holiness and awareness of His love, she finds herself being tempted to do nothing but be alone and commune with her Beloved. When the time comes the Beloved calls to His maiden to come with Him to His mountain for His purpose in her life but she hesitates (Song of Songs 4:7-15). The maiden realizes she is her Beloved's and must go with Him to His mountain. This is where I found myself the night Jim laid hands on a group of people and my Beloved called me to His mountain to intercede for one in the group. 

In this "Nugget" it's my desire to share with you the joy of being an intercessor as well as the inner battles that take place before one says, "OK Lord”. 

That night as we were driving to the fellowship, which is a forty minute drive from our home, I was busy telling God, "If you'll just honor my willingness to come, I'll pray for Jim and you can use him tonight”. I was really tired from the busy day and didn't want to go at all. Finally we arrived at the study and it seemed the night moved so slowly. I was beginning to think the ministry time would never come so we could go home. Don't get me wrong, I love the bible study and the fellowship with the people, that night I just didn't want to be there. 

As the ministry time started, I remember telling God, "Pick one and let Jim minister so we can go home.” Jim started praying for one of the ladies and I saw the anointing on him. I knew we were in for a long night. I sat in my chair and prayed for Jim, speaking faith for him as he ministered. Then without knowing why, I reached down to the floor and picked up my Bible and turned to John 15:16 

"Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain, that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name he may give it to you." 

The words "chosen" and "go" were speaking to me loud and clear. I said, "Lord, I'm chosen and I go." 

He said, "No Ann, share it with Betty." 

"Now Lord, Jim is praying for someone?“, I said. 

Then God said very clearly, "Now Ann!”. 

"OK Lord, OK." 

I reached over and showed Betty the scripture. She read it and smiled and handed my Bible back. I said "OK Lord, are you happy? I feel like a fool." Then the next thing I knew Jim was praying for Betty. Before he prayed he told her she was "chosen”. The Lord had our attention. 

As Jim began to pray, Betty spoke up and said, "If this is not for real I don't want anything to do with it." The tone of her voice made us all realize she meant what she said. Jim just smiled and continued praying. I found myself in another conversation with the Lord. It seemed He was wanting me to help Betty get rid of an emotion that was keeping her from receiving all He had planned for her. I reminded God I was not getting involved, I was there to pray for Jim. 

When we come out of the inner chamber and run with our Lord on the mountain, He usually has a specific ministry (I call it an assignment) for us to do. From time to time my assignment has been intercession. If you have ever been chosen for intercession you know you don't go seeking it. God is the one who calls you into the ministry and He will tell you when it's finished. 

Intercession is one of those assignments that sounds good and exciting. It is, but every time you're called to intercede for someone it's a battle, a point of your will agreeing with God. Your battle will most likely involve such thoughts as, your time is not yours. Any time, day or night, you could be called into the place of intercession on behalf of the one to whom you have been assigned. Intercession is placing yourself in their conflicts, tensions, feelings, emotions, doubts, agony, hurts, questions. Many times it could be releasing from the person what needs to come out so God can be heard. Sometimes you find yourself right in the middle of a spiritual war which calls for prayer and fasting. Also there's the emotional battle of knowing how close you could get to someone. 

I must admit I have had to learn by being involved that it doesn't matter my that life is knit together with the life of another. For a moment the feelings of my soul cry out for freedom, "Don't give up your life for another." Then that first word of knowledge comes from the Lord and I am drawn by the Spirit of God into intercession for an individual. The Lord then has my permission to involve me at any time, day or night to lighten someone's load until that person can stand free before our Lord. 

Jim continued to pray and I was still in the conversation with God. He was telling me, "I need you, Ann, to help Betty." 

I reminded the Lord, "I really wasn't interested in getting into a relationship like I knew this would be, besides Betty doesn't want to get that involved either." This was something I sensed and have since found out to be true. 

I was on the mountain with my Lord and He was wanting me to run with Him. I was in the place that I had to say "OK Lord, or No, Lord." Finally I said "OK Lord. Let's go." This was an act of faith and He began to give instructions. 

I got up from the comfortable chair I was in and sat on the floor beside Betty. I placed my hand gently on her shoulder and said, "Here I am Lord, now what?" 

The Lord revealed a spirit of fear in Betty. As I received that knowledge I asked Him to release the spirit of fear to me. Nothing happened. I asked the Lord, "Do we really have to do this, this way?" 

He said, "Now Ann!" 

I spoke to the spirit and said, "Come out now." While I spoke, a pain came down my arm. As I realized the pain, I asked God to take the spirit and for His Spirit to fill the place once occupied by the spirit of fear. As the pain left my arm, I became weak. I returned to my chair and waited for Jim to complete his ministry to Betty. 

Betty turned and looked at me. I asked her if she had felt anything leave her body. She said, "Yes, the desire to want to stay just like I was." I told Betty a spirit of fear had been keeping her from allowing God to move her on to a deeper walk with Him. I shared that Satan really doesn't like it when one is freed from fear. She must be ready to tell him that fear is gone and that God is dwelling in the place now and controlling that ground. Here's what Betty felt through that time. 

Will the Real Betty Please Sit Down? 

It may be difficult for anyone to understand what Ann has undertaken in agreeing with God to be an intercessor for me. I believe myself to be a complicated person, who is very strong-willed and individualistic. I have spent many hours trying to be simple (people like you better if you're simple) , while also trying to explain, rationalize and understand God and His ways. Through this quest, I have experienced a range of emotions toward God... love, fear, anger, forgiveness, apathy and eventually  

guilt that I needed to be different and yet didn't really want to be like someone else. After all, I had spent many laborious years becoming "me”. I became convinced that the "real Betty" would have to be annihilated. Most people spend a lifetime finding out who they really are. I had a different problem; I knew who I was and fear engulfed me at the thought of losing "me”. 

When I told Jim I only wanted what was real, I meant that I wanted nothing that was emotional or "showy." That would be out of character for me. As Jim and Ann prayed for me, I realized that God loved the "real me." God is not as concerned with "changing" us as much as we are with changing ourselves. God is more concerned with our relationship with Him; the change will take care of itself. "To be or not to be," that is the real question. Running with our Lord to the mountain will produce a "being" with God that is natural and uninhibited by restraints or requirements we may place on ourselves. When I surrendered to move into this new "level" with God, He saw in His infinite wisdom that I was going to need some "visible" help with the "invisible”. Hence, Ann the intercessor. I must tell you; Ann was right and I later confided in her. I wasn't crazy about this business of having an intercessor. I mean, it's all right having God close to you. Sometimes even this can be uncomfortable. However, having an intercessor, or someone this "close" to me was out of character for the self-reliant, independent individual that I was. Also, I have had some less than delightful experiences with "Christian friends”. I wasn't overly enthusiastic about entering this relationship. However Father (God) does know best. I haven't "arrived" (whatever that means). I just know that God loves "me" so much that He's willing to help me in any way that I will allow Him. God is teaching me so much about this "intercession business”. A note or phone call from Ann on especially difficult days for me is God's way of letting me know that I am not alone in this "hike up the mountain”. I am still finding it difficult to ask Ann for help or prayers. But do you know what? God knows and loves the "real me" and I don't have to ask Ann, He asks her for me 1 Praise God from whom all "intercessors" flow! 

God has now called Betty to come run across the mountain with Him. Together we are willing for God to lead us. The ministry of intercession is still my assignment and Betty is moving more and more in the plan God has for her.

By Ann Brittain 

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