There are many things to teach new disciples. These subjects are important but are just a taste of what must be taught.

Impartation of Grace Gifts

Impartation is the passing on of ministry from one to another, which occurs either as sovereign act of God or as an act of God through man. The grace gifts are received or released by impartation in one of three ways.

Find The Root Cause

have long appreciated the work of Bill Gothard. Each time I've attended his seminar, I've received valuable insight. Perhaps too much knowledge has been heaped upon me because I don't know what principles to use when I minister. 

The first thing he taught, in the seminar I first attended, was the difference between surface problems and root causes.

Ministry of Intercession

For years I had an understanding that intercession was praying for others. I saw a need and at once decided I knew the answer and told God what to do. I would give God a short time to move on the person and if He didn't, I did. You can't believe how many people I had in a prayer notebook that I sincerely prayed for regularly.

The Importance of Rational and Trans-rational

There is a sense in which both the person and God's Spirit are involved in the giving and receiving of spiritual gifts. It is rational, in the sense that the person must be aware of what is surrounding him, i.e. observing. It is trans-rational, in the sense that God, at His own discretion, "anoints" the person for an effect which He wishes to be produced. 

A Helping Hand

In the "Song of Songs" the first experience the maiden has is being in the inner chamber (Song of Songs 1:5-7). It is here that she comes face to face with her Beloved. There is such an intense holiness and awareness of His love, she finds herself being tempted to do nothing but be alone and commune with her Beloved. When the time comes the Beloved calls to His maiden to come with Him to His mountain for His purpose in her life but she hesitates (Song of Songs 4:7-15). The maiden realizes she is her Beloved's and must go with Him to His mountain. This is where I found myself the night Jim laid hands on a group of people and my Beloved called me to His mountain to intercede for one in the group. 

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