Pastor Ollie Gunn


PDSCN1703astor Ollie Gunn is the pastor Christian Walk Baptist Church in Midfield, Alabama. Ollie is a pastor's pastor and has been been received with joy by hundreds throughout Russia. Ministering there yearly since 1993 he has enabled many to have a good foundation as they prepared the message from the Lord for their people.

Ollie serves as the Chairman of the Board of DirDSC00592ectors of the Barnabas Foundation. He is a peace maker establishing righteousness beginning with being the first black student to attend the all white Fairfield High School and most recently merging mostly black Christian Walk Baptist Church with Wilkes Baptist Church, a white congregation. He is the oil on the water.

You might wonder how a young man being the first of his color to attend an all white school could be a peacemaker? In the beginning he and the few others who intergreted the school were bullied and chased home each day but four years later they were lifelong friends with the very ones who bullied them.

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