How we do it

The Lord has placed in our heart a simple plan to accomplish the assignment He has given. We'll teach pastors and church leaders in centrally held "schools." 

Currently, we're teaching several schools each year. These schools last from one to two weeks and are designed to bridge the gap between seminars lasting three days and an extended Bible School. 

The main school during the year is The Barnabas School of Ministry held during the summer in Tver, Russia. This school is a cooperative effort between The Barnabas Foundation and the Church of the Risen Christ located in Tver. The school is in session for two weeks and was first held in 1993. Each July we host more than ninety Russian church leaders from European Russia plus fifty more from Tver. 

These ministers meet with American teachers for two weeks of intensive study. Classes are held Monday through Saturday with four class periods lasting one and one half hours each day. Each period has two to four subjects taught. All classes are taped and every church represented receives a complete set of tapes. 

Some of the subjects will be five hours of teaching while others will be ten hours of class instruction. Springing from this school other schools will be arranged in cities as requests are received. At this time more schools are needed and we pray God will give the people and resources necessary to schedule them. The Barnabas School of Ministry has now grown and multiplied into two schools that are held simultaneously in Tver at two different locations. 

The Barnabas School of Ministry is a school for preparation into full time Christian ministry and is held at a sanatorium in Tver. Glory School is for equipping church leadership and on-going Christian education and is held at the Christian Retreat Center Glory.

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